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The Market

There has been an international market for Cuban Art for some time. London auction records for Cuban Modernists date back to the 1950s and 1960s. Steady demand continues — from Latin American buyers as well as new buyers in the US.


Good provenance is particularly significant, especially when it comes to acquiring Cuban Modernism. Restitution issues are also beginning to come to light as many works were seized in the wake of the Cuban Revolution.



There’s been a rise in prices for modern and contemporary Cuban Art at auction, but nothing like the prices achieved by European or US artists. Works by emerging artists can be purchased in Havana, Miami, and other major cities worldwide.


Cuban Art: A Long and Rich History

Cuban Art has a rich and varied history from the Vanguard Period before and after World War II to the many forms of contemporary art produced today. Cuba’s current generation of artists continues to evolve as does the country and its culture.

Be Sure to Explore Old Havana

Cuban Architecture is spectacular and Old Havana is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Have fun walking the streets and shopping for art.